Keeping an Eye on Your Property

Let AFSS in Brooklyn, New York secure your property through our complete security services. We have all the equipment required to effectively protect your staff, customers, and assets. To ensure we’re offering you top-quality customer service, we screen our personnel thoroughly. With our undercover officers we have over 1,300 collars in just one of our Queens retail locations. This means for our customer we have saved them thousands in revenue.

Service rates vary depending on your needs and requirements.

Choose to Go With the Licensed Pro 

Our team is composed of licensed professionals who are capable of carrying out specialized security tasks. We require our officers to take constant training throughout the year to keep up with the constant changes and needs of our clients. We have on site managers to deal with public issues that comes with the job. 

Special Offers

Take advantage of our special offers! You can get free security services for four days once you sign and agree with our contract. Contact our office at your earliest convenience for inquiries.